How it works for patients

1 >> Go to on a mobile phone, tablet or computer

“Hoopi patient” is a digital application that is available on mobile phones, tablets and computers. It is designed to be fully adapted to mobile phones (“mobile first”). No need to download it on apple or android.

It is available on

2 >> Select hospital and surgery

On the menu, select the language, the hospital, the hospital unit, and the surgery that is relevant for you. You will come directly to the right information.

>> Trick! Save on your mobile

Save Hoopipatient on your mobile phone and have access to the tool directly without retyping the URL adress. It will appear like an app with a little icon (Hoopi’s head). Use the plus sign (+) and save it on your front screen.  

3 >> Navigate the content and use the Hoopi Chatbot

There is a chatbot, “Hoopi” which helps you find the right information. Do not hesitate to use it ! You can also select directly the information that relevant for you by using the meny (Before, during and after).