Our film & audio creations

A 2 minute-film can have a very strong impact on patients. Sometimes more than a text. That is the reason why we developed a portfolio of short films. We have videos featuring hospital doctors, mid-wives and nurses and animated films. All are available in hoopi coach. 

Short films (2-3 min)  with doctors and nurses

Short films to explain key medical moments. All films are available on the different modules of hoopi coach: maternity, surgery, consultation etc…We developped more than 70 films with STUDIO HOOPIGO. Here are a few examples:


Animations (1-2 min films)

Short animation films to explain complex topics… or very pragnatic topics. Here are a few examples: 


Audios on relaxation

Hoopigo partnered with sound designer, Laurent Sauvagnac (www.holisonic.com) to create sound environments that help patients better manage their anxiety when going through a surgery or hospital treatment. The project is called “Sound for health“. All tracks are available in the digital coach. The idea: enhance patients’ inner peace and well being.