For hospitals

It is critical to support patients throughout their hospital journey so that they can engage themselves in their treatment and recovery. This is all the more important as hospital stays tend to be shorter and patients find themselves quickly back home. Our solution: complement the medical team with a digital coach. 

Available modules in HOOPI COACH

  • Surgery tracks: Before, during and after surgery
  • Adaptable to all types of surgeries
  • Possible variations of protocols: day surgeries, surgeries with hospital stays
  • Great depth of content (+ 20 sections, 120 sub-sections)
  • Chatbot customized to surgeries
  • More than 9 months of information: from the first weeks of pregnancy to the delivery at the hospital to back home 
  • Possible variation of situations: normal pregnancy, expecting twins, pregnancy with diabetes etc…
  • Great depth of content (+ de 50 sections, 300 sub-sections) 
  • Chatbot adapted to maternity
  • Consultation fully explained; instructions before, during and after consultation 
  • Adaptable to all types of consultations 
  • 3 sections+ 30 sub-sections
  • Chatbot adapted to consultations
  • All steps of an infertility treatment, from the first consultation to the result of the treatment 
  • Adaptable to all types of fertility treatments ( IVF, IFV+ donation, Insemination, PID, …) 
  • Great depth of content (+ 30 sections, 300 sub-sections) 
  • Chatbot adapted to infertility treatments 
  • Treatment path for the newborn from the days at the reanimation unit to back-home
  • Adaptable to all types of treatment protocols in neonatology
  • Great depth of content (+ 20 sections, 100 sub-sections) 
  • Chatbot adapted to neonatology

You do not find the module you need?
No problem! We can co-create it with you, leveraging design principles

How HOOPI COACH’s editorial interface works

You will have access to the editorial interface according to the module(s) you have chosen 

Acces to content

You can modify the content or create new content. You can change  and update all the texts, vidoes and pictures according to your hospital. 

Creating new treatment paths

You can create new treatment paths levering the existing ones (reusable blocks). It allows you to be very specific and reflect the different variations of protocols (Ex: 6 different variations for a surgery regarding endometriosis).

The content is always validated by your medical team

You will always sign the content. This is a proof of quality. You can sign everythimg is one go or section by section. It is up to you.