Supporting surgery patients

Why a Hoopigo solution for hospitals ? What is the starting point?

Need to support patient recovery

It is critical for patients to have access to the right level of information throughout their surgery.

This continuous support is all the more important as hospital stays tend to be shorter and ambulatory care more important. Patients are often sent home quickly and must often manage their recovery on their own.


Limited time for doctors and nurses

Doctors and nurses would like to spend more time with patients, but the reality is that time is scarce, and they do not have the means to give comprehensive explanations.

It can happen that there is even a mismatch between the messages the doctor wants to convey (in the limited time she has with the patient) and the information the patient is ready to receive, thus creating misunderstandings.


Multiple sources of information

There are often multiple sources of written information for patients. Bits and pieces can be found in hospital letters, websites, brochures etc. Patients themselves search the web and find information that is not necessarily quality proofed and relevant for their specific case.

The risk is that patients become lost in the information maze, they become possibly stressed and not knowing what to do in their recovery process.

In addition, it is time consuming for the hospital to update different sources of information. And there is always a risk that the information is either not updated or not consistent between the different documents.


Hoopigo was developed as a solution to these issues:

enabling more quality time for doctors and nurses, offering a unified source of quality-proofed information for patients and thus supporting patient recovery,